Thursday, July 22, 2010

ah, brammy...

blithe's begging to watch youtube videos, asher's throwing a fit, bram says,

"mommy, i like minding my own business."

Sunday, July 18, 2010

bram's new wish for himself

sorry for nothing quirky or funny today, folks, but this is so amazing, i have to share this with you.

over the last few months, bram has been asking for new toys. all. the. time. and literally, every day, it's a different toy or stuffy or something. every day.

but at bedtime last night, this is what he prayed:

"dear God the Father, thank-You for this lovely day. please give me a good sleep tonight with no scary dreams. just nice dreams... and please help me to thankful for what i have. amen."

and this afternoon, while eating chips, he got a "wish chip." so i told him to make a wish.

"what should i wish for?" he asked me.

"whatever you want. it's your chip. make a wish."

he paused for a moment, eyes closed, as he pondered his wish. and then he whispered,

"i wish i was more grateful for what i have."

i am so blown away by his maturity! and as i sit here, considering a trip to michaels so i can wander around and buy something (nothing specific, just something), i'm reminded of this, and i make my own little wish...

i wish i was more grateful for what i have.

thank-you, brammy, for your grace and wisdom. you inspire me to be a better person every day, and i love you very, very much! <3