Thursday, November 26, 2009

bram's favourite jokes

why did the monkey marry the lion? because he swept her off her feet!


why did Thomas (the tank engine) marry Rosie (the tank engine)?

to which, i'm sure, you would reply, "because her swept her off her feet?"

quoth bram, "no. because he swept her off her wheels. because trains have wheels, not feet. it's a thomas and friends joke that i made up! don't you see?"

(for these jokes to make sense, you have to know the original on which they're based:
why did the teacher marry the janitor? because he swept her off her feet!)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

and some sweetness

a few days ago, blithe was upset about something. apparently, she had broken something of bram's. she was crying about it, saying over and over again how sorry she was, and that it was all her fault.

now, i know bram, so i fully expected him to flip out, start bawling uncontrollably, never to be consoled again. apparently, i was wrong. very wrong.

"blithe," he said, putting his hand on her shoulder, "it's ok. it was an accident. don't cry; it was just an accident. accidents happen. just like if you drank the rest of my juice box, how do you think i would feel?"

"upset," she said.

"yes, i would. but accidents happen, so it's ok."


every once in a while (read: almost daily), bram says something that just makes me laugh out loud. i thought i'd share. and i'm gonna start off with something festive, to get us all into the christmas spirit. ;)

quoth bram, "when i'm santa, i'm gonna have a list of everyone who's nice and everyone who's not. and if someone takes all my toys, i'm gonna put their name on the naughty list."

bram, after playing tag and shrieking through the house (which you can picture if you know him), poked his head around the corner and declared, "i think i have ADHD," to which blithe added, "yeah, because he's Devastation Hyperactivity Disorder." and i think that about sums it up.

ah, brammy. i digs him.